Lorenzo Castiglioni Cecilia Peire’

Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
Giovanni Morbin, Daniele Salvalai

April 22, 2018

Rondella Delle Boccare
Vicolo cieco Coeli, Verona

On the occasion of Muralonga 2018, the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona presented, in the suggestive venue of Rondella delle Boccare, the performance Impronte by the artists Cecilia Peirè and Lorenzo Castiglioni.

The result of a collaboration born between the two students during First Step 8, the annual exhibition of the works of the best artists of the Academy, the performance Impronte moved between the languages of sculpture, dance and music.

As stated by the artists: "Through matter, the body is 'stripped' of all constraints, it regains freedom and beauty in its organic body. Lines of a form, almost danced, suggest movement through the emotions guided by the sculptor, leaving an imprint on the clay, becoming in tune with the material itself. The gesture becomes the direct agent of the soul, bringing back the beauty of form and the plasticity of movement".

The 30 min. performance was repeated 3 times, starting at 2pm.

The performance featured the collaboration of a group of musicians:
Lucia Zanella – First Violin
Claudio Favaretto – Second violin
Xavier Lopez de Munain Basevi – Viola
Nicolò Dal Ben – Cello
Music by J.S. Bach, Aria on the fourth string

Cecilia Peirè (1989, Genoa)
Graduated in Atelier Direction, Cultural Mediation of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona. She has been studying classical and contemporary dance since 2000 at the ArtStudio school in Verona. Winner of the 2005 Vignale Danza competition in collaboration with Joseph Fontano.

Lorenzo Castiglioni (1996, Padua)
Trained in theatre, he graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona. In 2017 he participated in the First Step project.

*Photo and banner:  Impronte, performance, 2018