Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
Galleria Artericambi

25 June 2019 at 18.00

Aula Magna - Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
Via Montanari 5, Verona 

On the occasion of her first solo exhibition in Italy at the Artericambi Gallery in Verona, the Accademia di Belle Arti in Verona hosted a meeting with the British artist Amanda Beech.

Starting with a critique of neoliberal policies, through a commitment to the making of the future, the artist presented the central themes of her work.

"In my work there is a strong interest in popular culture and the aesthetics of mass spectacle, as well as in the graphics of media communication. The video and works on paper that are part of this exhibition adopt a style that simulates play and explore the inscription of our activities into the production system. In the video, the reference is to the ideals of mobility, movement, differentiation and freedom that are promoted by the liberal mythology of individual autonomy. [...] The work Cause and Effect," the artist continues, talking about to the work that lends its title to both the exhibition and the discussion, "is a system where, as in a game, each unit seems to have been used to produce the other. It is a device that produces itself and that invites the question of which part of each work has been used as a means of producing the other. The work adopts the style of graffiti, and mixes it with that of political activism and the explosion of forms typical of LED-lit video game consoles. This is to suggest that we are trapped in games whose rules we cannot understand and that our beliefs about how the world works and how we can change it have a pathological effect. [...] In my work, in various ways, I try to conceive of art as a constructive project, which requires a concrete commitment".

Image: Amanda Beech, Cause and effect – Paintings, 2016

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