Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona 
Arewehuman, Fucina Culturale Macchiavelli 

January 24, 2019

Aula Magna,  Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona 

via Montanari 5, Verona 

Public meeting with Fiorenza Menni as part of the lecture on Anthropology of Art held by Francesco Ronzon, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, on the artistic and theatrical production of the Ateliersi collective that works in the field of performing arts/theatre.

The conference was organized in connection with the show In Your Face, UBU finalist for best sound project in 2018, at Fucina Culturale Macchiavelli, within the Are We Human series.

Ateliersi is composed of Fiorenza Menni (artistic direction, actress and author), Andrea Mochi Sismondi (artistic direction, actor and author), Giovanni Brunetto (technical direction and sound arts), Elisa Marchese (administration and organization), Tihana Maravic (planning and communication), Diego Segatto (web and graphic arts). Numerous other artistic collaborators and consultants are involved on individual projects. The group is based in Bologna at Atelier Si, a place of experimentation and production, a public space that hosts artists and presents works, offering a possibility of interchange.

The creation of Ateliersi consists of theatrical works and artistic interventions in which the performative gesture enters in dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and visual arts to encourage a communication capable of intercepting the anxieties and subversions that occur in the world. The artistic work is characterized by a multidisciplinary and innovative approach focused on strong performativity favoring the cross-contamination of the language of theater with that of the other arts.

Are We Human is a project that promotes contemporary creation in its various forms and expressive formats, overcoming the traditional division of genres and places of representation. Are We Human supports and promotes the research of new languages with the intention not to represent a generation or a trend, but to recount an idea of the stage and give visible space to those artists who build dramaturgies and scenic writings, taking risks and experimenting with brave languages.

*Photo: Ateliersi, In your face, 2018

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