Keep the madness of the heart intact

Associazione culturale Archivio Meloni

March 29, 2019

Aula Magna, Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
Via Montanari, 5 Verona

Ceremony of commemoration in memory of Giovanni Meloni, a figure difficult to place among the clichés of the eccentric, bizarre, unruly artist that have fed his "myth" in Verona.

Accompanied by the music of Giulio Deboni and Marco Bernacchia, the videos of Tommaso Deboni, Raffaello Bassotto, Luciana Soriato, the testimonies of those who appreciated him and loved his work and his wine... just as he would have liked it!

Along with his limitless pictorial production, which has uninterruptedly marked his long artistic career, Meloni has actively participated in the cultural life of the city by organizing meetings, debates, exhibitions: the "art evenings" that took place in his studio in Via Pigna.
These events were always highly attended, aiming to present various initiatives for causes in which he believed with all his heart. He organized these meetings for young artists, and also for others with whom he wanted to share his thoughts and his friends.

In addition to his initial and long-lasting association with the sculptor Jørgen Sørensen, the leading figure of sculpture in the Scandinavian countries, Meloni had relationships with numerous international artists whom he brought to Verona in exhibitions he organized, including J. Cladders, G. Penone; A. Kapoor, J. Opie, J. Albrecht, Y. Kurimoto.

The frequent changes of style and language that characterized his artistic production have always been underpinned by a rigorous method that has oriented and paced the various themes that inspired his art. He had a particular predilection for the spontaneity and sensitivity of children, whom he involved in workshops and artistic experimentation.

Another aspect often present in his paintings was writing, linked to poetry and literature, which he was passionate about.

Investigating the human condition through art was the leitmotif of his life, increasingly dedicated, through frequent travels, to learning about the conditions of marginalization of the populations of the poorest and most exploited countries in the world.

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