To Be Played

To be played. Video, immagine in movimento e videoinstallazione e nella generazione Ottanta
Marta Ferretti

November 11th - 16th 2019

Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
via Montanari 5, Verona
Giardino Giusti
via Giardino Giusti 2, Verona

An intensive workshop on video practice led by artist Giulio Squillacciotti with the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, as part of the public program of the exhibition To be played. Video, immagine in movimento e videoinstallazione e nella generazione Ottanta (“To be played. Video, moving image and video installation in the Eighties generation”) (11 October - 22 November, Giardino Giusti, Verona), curated by Jessica Bianchera and Marta Ferretti.

The object and subject the students have been asked to work on is the Archivio Zinelli, a vast corpus of heterogeneous material made available by the Carlo Zinelli Study Center in relation to the exhibition Carlo Zinelli. Visione Continua (“Carlo Zinelli. Continuous Vision”) presented in 2019 in the spaces of Fondazione Cariverona.

Through a number of individual and collective exercises, the 19 participants, from the Schools of Design, New Technologies for Art and Painting, have been guided in the exploration of the materials in order to rework them through the use of video images, gaining a profound knowledge of methods and design aspects at the basis of the construction of the filmic image.

At the end of the workshop, each student publicly presented a short pitch with a proposal for a video work to be developed in the near future from the Zinelli archive materials.

An exceptional commission selected the proposal of Eleonora Merzi, who was able to participate behind the scenes in ArteVisione 2019: a training award promoted by Careof in collaboration with Sky Arte, of which Giulio Squillacciotti was the winner in 2018.


Sara Benedetti, project manager, ArtVerona
Marta Cenzi,
head of institutional activities, Fondazione Cariverona
Alessandro Nassiri
, Careof Milan
Sotirios Papadopoulos,
coordinator of the School of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona
Giulio Squillacciotti,
artist and workshop leader
Simone Zinelli, C
arlo Zinelli Study Center

Photo: Niccolò Lucchi