Generare Arte

Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona 
Associazione Morse
Path Festival

Friday 15 February 2019 at 19.00

Bar Associazione Malacarne
Via San Vitale 14, Verona 

As part of the fifth edition of Path Festival, a conversation on the themes of play, performance and technology took place between the artist Roberto Fassone (Savigliano,1986), the musician Claudio Rocchetti (Bolzano, 1978), together with Francesco Ronzon, anthropologist and Director of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona.

During the session, the developments and the design elements at the basis of their respective artistic and musical productions were discussed, on the borderline between authorship and sharing, composition and interpretation, process and creation.

Roberto Fassone's research investigates the processes and strategies regulating the production of contemporary works of art: SIBI, the generator of instructions for the realization of potential performances, is "a device that allows one to deepen the structural study of the works, a study aimed at understanding and rendering explicit the patterns and schemes that are repeated in the creation of contemporary artefacts (game, metaphor, metonymy, displacement etc.)".

Through a variety of techniques, the work of Claudio Rocchetti explores the density of sound and its internal mechanisms. In his interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations, he extends his deconstructive approach and reflection on the formation of time and memory to the territory between composition and performance.

The meeting was enlivened by the performances of Bruno Lovato, Alessia Valloncini and Anna Ulivi.

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