Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona - Italian Strategic Design
Antonella Andriani, Giulia Ciliberto
Corriere della Sera

award ceremony 6 June 2019

Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona
via Montanari 5, Verona

A competition of ideas and a design workshop for the students of the course of Design Methodology of Visual Communication coordinated by Giulia Ciliberto, for the graphic restyling and the renewal of the social identity of the Trovalavoro portal, the job board of Corriere della Sera, which for years has pursued the goal of being a meeting point between talent and companies.

The award ceremony was attended by the CEO of Trovolavoro, Giancarlo Piana, the President of the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, Marco Giaracuni, the Director of the Academy, Francesco Ronzon, deputy director Antonella Andriani and teacher Giulia Ciliberto.

Among the various projects, three prizes were awarded:

First prize
Francesco Boschetti, Eleonora Fontanella and Federica Tomasello
with the proposal of a set of templates for social communication based on the identification of different professions through images of hands, understood as means to convey aspects such as connection, transparency, professionalism.

Second prize
Beatrice Borellini and Laura Verri
with a concept developed from the layering of photographs, illustrations, symbols and diagrams.

Third prize
Diego Fanton and Andrea Forni
with the design of an unlimitedly modular mascot acting as an intermediary between brand and user.

All were awarded books and a subscription to "Corriere della Sera".
The winning project has gone live on Trovolavoro's social media